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The best saunas in Finland uncovered

We all need a break sometimes! With so much to do and not enough time to do it, it can seem impossible to set aside time for relaxation. Treat yourself to a sauna getaway in beautiful Finland!

Sauna in Finland

Three of the biggest staples of Finland are its magnificent lakes, nature and its famous saunas. You can find and experience all of these at one of the country’s many saunas, which provide traditional health and relaxing within the rustic Finnish countryside. Escape the bustling city and treat yourself to a sauna-break – what could be more relaxing than a deep tissue massage, dipping into an icy lake and other sauna traditionals? Or simply enjoy a change of scenery; watching fire in a stove and enjoy the silence of nature.

Finland has enjoyed something of a renaissance in saunas of late, and there are now hundreds different option to choose. Finland has developed into one of the world’s best sauna destinations, and the prolific facilities and saunas available on the country means we race to provide our best, leaving us sauna-goers with only the finest to choose from.

Enjoy your special time, alone, as a couple or with friends, at these best saunas in Finland. A day at a sauna can be the highlight of a relaxing holiday so make sure you choose the right one for you! These are some of the best and most beautiful saunas to visit in Finland for relaxation and rejuvenation in peaceful surroundings.

A trip to the spa doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank, Finland boasts of an abundance of saunas at various pricing points. Some of them are even free!

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To help you navigate the multitude of saunas we have created this guide to the best saunas in Finland. Indulge yourself.





Allas Sea Pool

Original SkySauna


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