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Never give a lighter to a person who can’t lit a sauna

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Saunas from all corners of Finland is Finland’s largest website, which collects all Finnish rental saunas on its website. Choose the most suitable of the hundreds of saunas and make a reservation.

How do I rent a sauna?

Finding the right sauna can be stressful. We will try to make it as easy and as inspiring as possible.

1. Choose your area

Select the area where you want to rent a sauna. Also pay attention to saunas in nearby areas.

2. Compare options

There are more saunas in Finland than cars. There is a choice and there is a perfect sauna for every purpose. Images help in making decisions.

3. Rent a sauna

When making a choice, please contact a sauna or make a booking with an appointment form. The most demanding work is now done. Have a relaxing bath in the sauna!

4. Enjoy the sauna!

The hardest part is done. Now it’s time to relax!

Are you ready?

First, select the location where you want to rent a sauna.

Villa Sikurin sauna

Image: Villa Sikuri

Finnish saunas are the worlds best

Finnish people’s love toward the saunas is well known. This can be seen, since there are more saunas in Finland than cars. Finnish people are generally considered to be sauna professionals, since our sauna culture has developed into utility, leisure and for health purposes.

The most memorable sauna experience are born for many in their own cottage saunas. However, not everyone has the opportunity to own a cottage sauna for sauna bathing, but it doesn’t prevent the sauna experiences. Public saunas and rentable sauna facilities also provide great experiences. Rentable sauna facilities provide a great sauna experience for the ones who are used to saunas and even newcomers.

Finnish sauna is well known all over the world. Finnish active sauna clubs have inspired many to try out the exotic Finnish sauna experience. Finnish sauna create a basis for what we call the Finnish.

Finnish saunas are flexible and that is why it’s easy to note different cultures and users. Finnish sauna encounters make the sauna experience easier for those that have prejudices or even fears. Sauna is not just a place to wash yourself. Sauna thrill is composed of other users and of course bathing.

Finnish saunas are the worlds best.

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